Ghostwriting for my CV

I asked myself if ghostwriting experiences can be included in one’s profile or curriculum vitae. So I googled the phrase “curriculum vitae ghostwriting”. Yes, it can be done. In one site I visited, the format used in presenting it is as follows:

Ghostwriting (speeches, articles) for:
[name of person and her designation]
[name of another person and her designation]

I’m not used to this, but I’ll try. I guess the main consideration for including that in one’s profile is the prestige, if not popularity, of the person for whom she wrote the speech or article. If that person is not of high status (so high that writing is too time consuming, if not a lowly task), then it would be a disgrace to both the ghostwriter (for wasting her time writing for the “medium” [I mean the person delivering the article]) and the “medium” for not taking time to do his piece himself (it’s plain sloth).

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