A Windows solution to a Linux problem?

Yesterday, I emailed the support guys at our web host, which uses Red Hat Enterprise as its server. This was concerning my problem of retrieving onto my webmail inbox a total of 57 mails. Neither Horde nor SquirrelMail succeeded. SquirrelMail was the lesser evil because at least it said that there was an imap problem so it had to time out.

I was surprised by the response of the support guy. He suggested that I use Microsoft Outlook to retrieve the mails, as one or two of these disable the webmail apps to do so. Come again, I asked him in my mind.

Is this something that tries to say: “Hey, there are Linux problems that Windows can solve!” Nuh, I don’t buy that idea.

So what I did was simple. I fired up Kmail on my notebook and then added an identity for my company’s mails and did some minor settings. Yes, I was able to retrieve all the mails.

Linux problems are open source problems.

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