Finally, PhpWebsite

After testing about ten CMS softwares provided by our web host, I finally opted to adopt the phpWebSite. It’s the easiest to customize, although I miss the per-subject counters of Geeklog and Mambo’s newsflash feature.

With phpWebSite, nevertheless, every portal’s member feels the sense of community as she may participate in any of the following ways:

  1. Submit a FAQ
  2. Upload and download a document
  3. Submit a story or announcement
  4. Vote on polls
  5. Participate in Forums
  6. Comment on articles
  7. Create and use data-entry forms
  8. Create a photo album
  9. Submit events

The only limitations I have encountered with phpWebSite are:

  1. timezone configuration which is set to the server; there’s no way to set the timezone to localtime
  2. FAQs classification which can only be done by categories, not subject matters.

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