Fossified with new blog

I got a new skin.

I decided to let go of my previous blogs (the personal and FOSS-related) and come up with a single one that manages all kinds of thoughts and experiences that I may have. Surfing the WordPress site’s gallery of templates, I came across a skin called “connections”. I was easily attracted to the look, with colors matching my current involvements–red and green. Activism and affinity to rural struggles.

I entitled my blog as “fossified”. Ever wonder why? No, it’s not yet entered in any dictionary. It comes from the word FOSS, meaning free and open source software. The subtitle tells some more. Activist moorings, yes. Activism will always be my mindset. But FOSS involvement has given me a different perspective in dealing with science in relation to social change.

Right now, the challenge for me is how to marry my agrarian reform involvement to FOSS preoccupation. So far, it is working. I’ve managed to influence my organization into maintaining fossified computer network server, computer units at the field level, and web sites.

I’ll maintain my activist moorings, amidst my FOSS meanderings.

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