Bro. Mike’s mediation: Tug of war

On news last night, I learned that Bro. Mike’s efforts to unite the Administration (GMA camp) and the Opposition (Erap camp) have not come to fruition, as each party’s conditions to the “covenant” he had proposed were not acceptable to the other.

So, there. I wonder where and when this God’s Filipino disciple would stop. Last Sunday, during the celebration of 21st Anniversary of El Shaddai and his 66th birthday, he was able to invite both camps to delight their respective fans, as if the organization’s members were a mix of such. (Which makes me think wildly that perhaps that initiative was also aimed at uniting the members who might be divided politically.) It was his birthday wish that both camps forgot their differences and got united for the sake of moving the country forward.

I don’t scoff at the noble action by the Prince of Peace. I just can’t imagine why he had to do it with media fanfare, which makes it to look like bad politics. Each camp, the embattled GMA camp in particular, was using the action to its own advantage. The unwitting masses would try to make out GMA’s English prayer and feel pity for her for that prayerful effort. Nevertheless, the hypocrisy served the purpose of raising the level of rage that the organized masses and disgruntled middle forces–I am a mix of both classes–do feel.

Rep. Joker Arroyo complained that Brother Mike, a namesake of GMA’s equally embattled husband, should not meddle in politics, which only leaves him in bad taste. I disagree; everyone is entitled to get involved. I only wish that Bro knew better and crafted more creative ways to help solve society’s ills. The funny 60-40 solution (60% of Cabinet positions are from the Opposition and 40% from the Administration) is trash bin’s friend.

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