Desperately looking for Linux champions

I dreamed last night.

I was in a meeting in an open space inside a building when a guy, looking like a friend at the FOSS camp, came across to disturb the meeting with an inquiry: Where is AFON? (AFON is Antique Federation of NGOs). He said that he came for a meeting with the NGO as he is a management consultant.

The guy caught my interest. Upon talking to him further, I found out that he was also a Linux advocate. Amazed, I told him that I was just like him, a Linux fan and advocate. He showed me a set of Linux installer CDs called "Radcry" (sounds like an abbreviation for "rabid advocates crying or fighting for their cause"). I asked where the installer was based from, but he did not answer. Nevertheless, when I asked whether I could have the installer, he obliged and enthusiastically gave me the set, together with free empty CDs.

Here’s wishing that my FOSS tribe increases in no time, not in my dreams, but in reality.

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