Liberations from work

Yesterday, my work colleague made me a compliment for my attire. I was wearing a blue polo, khaki slacks and sandals on black sacks. But she did not say whether I looked blooming or not. Perhaps the positive remark was due to the fact that I have been so glued to wearing t-shirts until that day that everybody should notice.

“You know the feeling? Every after Board meetings, I feel liberated,” I replied, unable to pronounce the last word correctly. I was referring to the Board meeting last Saturday. Before and during every major activity, BOT meetings included, I am preoccupied, almost lacking sleep. But, hey, I don’t forget to breath! I’m conscious of that!

Wearing t-shirts does not only mean I ran out of polo shirts inside my work desk drawer. It means I am too busy to take care of my looks. Wearing polo shirts means that I feel relaxed. It also means that I am ready to be preoccupied again, with the anticipation for being “liberated” again.

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