Stomaching a sty called Congress

The camp of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo rejoiced over the Congress’ majority vote for the Justice Committee’s trashing of the impeachment complaints by the “Opposition” for her alleged direct hand in cheating the 2004 elections in her favor. (Once again, the nation was asleep when the Congress did something in favor of the President. Last year, they proclaimed at past midnight Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the 2004 election’s victor. Yesterday, they junked the impeachment complaint again at past midnight. [The Phil. Daily Inquirer aptly pointed this out in its editorial today.])

I did not watch the full coverage done by the ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel). However, my having watched and listened to a few Congresspersons (most of whom others call Representa-thieves) in explaining their Yes vote challenged my sensibilities. I could not imagine why they could afford to waste time and energies (including the electric consumption at the gargantuan Congressional hall) by uttering nonsense, non-truths, and non sequiturs. Let’s cite some of their speeches.

Nonsense. One Congressman whose surname starts with Z, which makes him one of the last persons (tailing more than 200 others) to give a privilege speech, spent over a minute complaining about his “alphabeto-political” situation. Afterwards, he cracked a string of jokes that made his colleagues laugh off their sleepiness. Lastly, to prove the point that GMA did not buy votes, he claimed that it was she who owed him. “I gave her calamansi, which she has not paid up to now,” he exclaimed. Expectedly, he ended his speech with the words “My vote is Yes, Mr. Speaker.”

Non-truth. A Congresswoman from the Bicol region, known for her deep connection with the landed elite in her poor province, even had the guts to mention “small farmers who try to make both ends meet just to serve food on their households’ table.” She even championed the interests of the fishers, children and women. (She must have quoted from the NGO literature or something.) She said she had consulted her constituencies, whose sentiments did not favor Arroyo’s impeachment. Is this true? My organization has an organizing program in eight municipalities in her province. I’m sure that upon learning about the allegations of GMA cheating the last elections, they affirmed it and demanded her a day in court. The Congresswoman’s vote: Yes to the killing of the impeachment complaints.

Non sequitur. A Congressman from Mindanao said he would rather help kill the impeachment complaints (”bury it six feet under the ground”) and call for unity. The nation, he said, had many troubles: the surge in gasoline prices, astronomical foreign debt, among others. Proceeding with the impeachment will fuel further disunity and deviate our attention from immediately solving the country’s ills. A round of applause!

Basically, what the pro-Administration legislators said were that: a) they did not believe that GMA had cheated the elections, b) they consulted their respective constituencies, who they said had not favored her impeachment, and c) the “Opposition’s” politics sucked. They tried to sound objective, but were evidently apologetic for Arroyo.

With this very pathetic discourse, or lack of it, at the Congress, I’m giving it a failing grade. I can compare that supposedly hallowed body to nothing but a pig sty. Pigs feed on leftover food and are fond of playing while wallowing in deep mud.

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