Pinoy big brothers: Business(men) and GMA stalwarts to change the Constitution

Brace yourselves, Pinoy sisters and brothers.

The Pinoy big brothers are here. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in August signed the Republic Act 453 creating the Consultative Commission or ConCom mandated to “conduct consultations and studies and propose amendments and revisions to the 1987 Constitution, principally the proposals to shift from the presidential-unitary system to a parliamentary-federal system of government, to refocus economic policies in the Constitution to match the country’s vision for global competitiveness and to review economic policies which tend to hinder the country’s global competitiveness and adversely affect the people’s welfare.”

Yesterday, she appointed 33 people to the ConCom, which PMS Chief Roberto Tiglao described as a mix of “academicians, lawyers, businessmen, farmers, and political and religious leaders chosen for their integrity, patriotism, experience, and sectoral representation.”

The man is telling a lie? Based on a tentative classification, it’s clear that the business tycoons (all men) and LGU officials (known for their affinity to GMA) will be dictating the content of and process leading to the new Constitution. There are even a couple of economists who are known to be economic advisers to Malacanang.

Surely, there are no personalities coming from the progressive Left, which should represent the marginalized sectors such as the landpoor peasants. What’s the certainty that agrarian reform will remain to be guaranteed in the new Constitution? How can the small farmers be convinced that government will prioritize their interests over those of the capitalists in the country and abroad?

Ask the Pinoy big brothers!

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