Career move in the offing?

I had a dream. It was about two organizations wishing to institute few major institutional changes. It was about me.

The first organization, MODE, wanted to review its core programs, what with its limited funds. This situation requires that it focus its programs. The second is PEACE, which wanted to effect immediate devolution of operations to its Network Members. PEACE wondered if it could go it alone in devolving the operations, given its limited national staff. The fact that this needs to be done say in one week or so. One solution that was raised was to tap into an NGO with expertise in devolution. Here, MODE came to mind.

The situation is more complicated as far as I was concerned. I was egged on to move to MODE by ODF, its chair. MODE staff liked the idea. In fact, they wanted me to move immediately as they were eager to review MODE’s programs.

This “career move” presented a dilemma for me. I wanted change in my career (though it was not clear what type of work I would be deployed to at MODE) yet I did not want to leave PEACE just at that.

In reality, if ever I were to move work, it should be related to what I’m currently preoccupied with: ICT activism. I’d also like to focus on writing: technical stuff and blogs. I’d also like to pursue my masteral study.

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