A day’s break from my Linux companion

In recent years, I have not tinkered with a Windows machine for more than three hours.

Until today when my wife had me to help her develop Microsoft Access forms for encoding data from UNORKA's affiliates. I could not decline as database development is a concern commonly shared with PEACE, my organization. (It's because of the Microsoft Access thing that this machine [that I'm currently using in posting this entry] is the remaining one running on Windows. The other computers of UNORKA are already running on Linux just fine.)

Imagine that I had to refer to my old Access databases to brush up on my knowledge of that popularietary software? I almost forgot how to write a VB code to determine the value of a last record's integer field.

And before co-Linux enthusiasts would raise their eyebrows, let me tell you that the Windows machine I'm now using is hooked to PEACE's database server running Linux and PostgreSQL 8.0.7. That's one major reason why I was convinced to operate a Windows machine, however half-heartedly.

OK. After this coerced work with a M$ machine, I resolve to really study PHP, with which web-based applications for data-entry and retrieval may be developed.

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