My eldest son’s 7th birthday

My eldest son, Martin Howell, turns 7 today. At 7:30 am, I called him up to greet him. I was in office when I did.

I am very thankful to the Divine Creator for giving us Lea a son who is very sweet, thoughtful and bright. Well, not as bright as the geniuses. But bright in our standards. In fact, even if he had high fever last 8 Mar, he still attended his class to take last-quarter-period exams. This week, we were glad to know that he passed the exams with flying colors. He got just two mistakes in all exams except in Reading, with eight mistakes.

Martin looks weak (with his slender physique like his dad) but he is very energetic and loves football and soccer. He has not displayed any interest in basketball yet, but he loves sports, too. While in home, he either is always on the move playing with his brothers, or just sits in the corner doodling and reading a book.

I wish that Martin keeps up his good attitudes or improves these for the better. That way, Lea and I are proud to contribute a son for the betterment of human society.

Happy birthday, Martin. Dad and Mom love you so much.

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