Being greeted a happy birthday automatically

On my 39th birthday, I received two text messages greeting me a Happy Birthday. No, these did not come from friends nor family members. These came from Family First, a savings plan company, and Webshots, a web-based wallpaper/photo service.

The juridical greeters were caring enough to remember my birthday. In fact, they were first to greet me before some of my office mates and friends did. But what turned me off was their note that the message they have just sent was created automatically. Really a turn-off. It just proved that the greeters were not human.

I had a consolation, though. I went to BPI Family Bank to encash my check amounting to P3,000. (I had earned this check from PCIJ, for whose staff I had given an input on Linux.) I showed to the counter clerk my TIN ID and passport. I was suprised to hear from her the words "Happy Birthday, sir." The greeter was not definitely a friend nor a family member. But she was human. A lady to boot.

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