Palm Sunday 2006-04-09

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. My family heard mass at 6 pm in Concepcion Church, Marikina City. We were late. The priest had already been giving his homily when we arrived.

It was surprisingly nice to know that Catholics remained true to the tradition of bringing palm branches to the church with the aim of having them blessed with holy water and bringing them home as a sacramental. My wife put ours at the altar with Jesus Christ's gold-framed knitted face in the center. We did not have a vase assigned for the palm, so she put it in one together with the artificial roses.

I should have brought a camera to take a picture of the crowd (estimated to be over 500 people) marching by the church's facade into the parish office's premises, waving their palm branches, as if competing for the holy water sprinkled by priest assistants from above the parish veranda.

Seeing the crowd do the annual exercise, indeed a form of people's mobilization, made me wonder if social advocates would ever learn from this. People mad at President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would not get out of their houses to join the street rallies clamoring for her ouster. But they would be on a limb to get to the church to celebrate what the Catholic Church calls victory over the flesh.

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