(Un)Happy Labor Day

Today is the day to remember that the world's creators of wealth are not those possessing capital or those enjoying all benefits possible, but we workers in the cities and countrysides.

Today is the day to give tribute to ourselves, who literally and figuratively sweat it out just to bring home the bacon, to provide food on the table.

Today is the day for men and women overworked yet underpaid, those working hard abroad in exchange for the daily touch of their loved ones, children forced to get into labor, workers sexually harassed and discriminated against in the workplaces, and workers whose jobs do not fit their interests and skills.

Today is the day for urban and rural workers sacrificing their lives for broader causes. They are even willing to die or get killed just to put across the message.

Today is the day for oppressive employers to search their souls and be conscientious. This is also for the States failing to protect and guarantee their citizens' right to quality work and development to wake up, stand up and deliver.

Today is the day to understand one of the paradoxes in society: The army of the jobless and underemployed becomes larger and larger, while the circles of the wealthy become smaller and smaller.

Happy Labor Day, although I am not. Are you?

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