Stop software piracy. Get Linux. Get

There is an ongoing thread in one of my open source mailing lists that talks about's press release entitled: Get legal – Get Mr. Alan Alegre, convenor of Bukas, a consortium of free and open source software (FOSS) among various sectors like the NGOs and the academe, initiated the discussion.

After browsing the PR, I immediately responded to the list. I said that the PR's line was cool. But I wondered if that's slogan would work in the Philippines, given the high level of piracy, particularly use of unlicensed Windows and Windows-based office suites and other applications. Along this line, I proposed a new promotional slogan for Pinoys: Get legal. Get Linux and Chances are, your friends already have them.

That response stirred exchange among the listers. The reactions were basically on the improvement of the promotional slogan for the Philippines. One reaction came from my colleague at the PLUG Board, who said that Linux should be dropped for the moment. Immediately reacted by saying that I cannot and will not advise my friends using unlicensed Windows to either:

  1. Continue using unlicensed Windows (at your own risk) but get, or
  2. Get licensed Windows (read: just for your machine), anti-virus software, and all but get

Other listers gave their opinions, too. One wanted '.org' deleted from the's name, for chrissake. People would be more comfortable with OpenOffice. But he was corrected for the fact that the word "OpenOffice" is already legally registered by another company.

I am now reconsidering my original proposal as I appreciate one lister's trying to emphasize software piracy. And I also like the 'rapid-fire-effect' proposal by my PLUG colleague. So this new slogan should work better: Stop software piracy. Get Linux. Get

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