CJ Panganiban, the man of the hour

Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban had this to say about the controversial Presidential Proclamation No. 1017:

"Some of those who drafted PP 1017 may be testing the outer limits of presidential prerogatives and the perseverance of this Court in safeguarding the people's constitutionally enshrined liberty. They are playing with fire, and unless prudently restrained, they may one day wittingly or unwittingly burn down the country. History will never forget, much less forgive, this Court if it allows such misadventure and refuses to strike down abuse at its inception. Worse, our people will surely condemn the misuse of legal hocus pocus to justify this trifling with constitutional sanctities."

I had a misgiving about his man before. Now, I'm giving him a benefit of the doubt, if only for the landmark decision by the Supreme Court about the constitutionality of PP 1017 and that statement by him. At least, we activists now have a newfound moral right to castigate our own government and hold it accountable for the harm done to us.

However, my doubts about the Court's commitment and capacity to protect the interests of the farmers still stand. My work colleague is presently doing a paper why is that so. I'll blog about it later.

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