Google good for speedy probes

Google has been good to me and the peasants.

In the campaign meeting regarding Ka Eric Cabanit, one colleague shared an information that a government official may be involved in his killing. He mentioned the lastname but could not pinpoint exactly that person in a particular bureaucracy. We wanted to know why he was involved.

While the meeting proceeded, I immediately went to a computer in a nearby room and googled the man's name. In a matter of one second, I shivered at the revelation I got. Yes, I was able to know the fullname of the man, as confirmed by his designation in a government agency. The more I was convinced it was him because of his significant role in protecting Malacanang vis-a-vis the controversy of misuse of the ill-gotten Marcos wealth. Ka Eric was among the agrarian reform advocates that went on a limb to expose the evidence and hold government accountable for such misuse of farmers' funds.

I'm sure my colleagues at the meeting were impressed upon my quick sharing of the information. I hope they were impressed not at my doing it but at the coolness of Google.

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