Being asked a death certificate for a paid ad protesting peasant murders :-)

It was my first time to liaise with a media outfit–Philippine Daily Inquirer–concerning a public statement we intend to place for paid-ad arrangement. Well, first times are memorable not only for the learning you get but for the flumsiness, embarassment, or fun that goes with it.

Doggone Dong: Magpapa-paid ad po kami. (We'd like to place a paid-ad.)

Inquirer: Saan po, 'General Display' o 'Classifieds'?

Doggone Dong: Huh? (Confused) General Display.

Inquirer: Tungkol saan po ang ad nila? (What does the statement deal with?)

Doggone Dong: Statement po yon tungkol sa mga pagpatay sa mga magsasaka. (It's about the recent murder of peasants.)

Inquirer: Ah. (with enlightened tone) Sir, kailangan po natin ng death certificate. (Sir, we need a death certificate.)

Doggone Dong: What?

Inquirer: Sir, policy po namin yan, e. (Sir, it's our policy.)

Doggone Dong: Kailangan pa ba yan, e, statement of protest ang ilalabas namin? (Do we need to produce the certificates when we're just coming out with a statement of protest?)

Inquirer: Ah, sir. Sorry po. Akala ko obit ang ilalabas nyo. Tawag po uli kayo at sabihin nyong i-forward kayo kay Vicky. (Sorry, sir. I thought you're placing an obit.)

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