Dashed FOSS hopes

A thread in AKBAYAN mailing list about Ka Dodong's article against 'digital imperialism' has caught interest. Two members known for their political and theoretical savvy indeed approved of Ka Dodong's incisive and straightforward take on software freedom. One agreed with Ka Dodong that "we should not patronize monopolists; we should support independent tech communities." She went on to say that there are cool applications that can replace Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer–OpenOffice.org and Mozilla Firefox.

The other one shared the fact that a provincial government in the southern part of the Philippines has already migrated to Linux and dispelled doubts about the usability of the alternative operating system. He said that using Linux is a "way of protesting the raids done by the NBI on non-paying Microsoft users."

Out of joy and more respect for the fellow, I posted a reply to that information of his as a way of affirming him. In my mind, he would be one with me in pushing Akbayan HQ to migrate totally to Linux. 

But I was completed shocked to know that he has shifted back to Windows because he has moved from the provincial government of Sarangani to a different consultancy. Seemingly, his current stint has coerced him to use a proprietary system.

I felt like a pail of cold water was poured on me. I should have not done the 'affirmation' post. I should have kept joy to myself.

With that experience, my advocacy work for FOSS has once again been put to a test.

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