Me and my non-human work mate

donggone dong and his doggone notebook

Originally uploaded by dungkal.

When I'm in Manila and in office, my "work wife" is my computer notebook. I call her isda. The name jibes with the office's workstations whose names are agricultural crops. I chose isda as the name because a fish is always on the move, swimming and flowing to any direction it likes to go.

Isda is with me most of the office time. Almost everywhere I go, she's with me: in a room during meetings, in a corner composing something, in a bed listening to music, and what not.

This picture is the most recent (6 May 2006). I am in my office room. Far beside me are (from left) sugar jar (to sweeten my Milo), a purple mug I had received from the TFDP as my honorarium for talking about agrarian reform in its radio program, an Epson printer that is for service, a triangular banner I got from AsiaSource Camp in Bangalore two years ago, my mattress, and ethnic back bag as a display attached on cork board.

Beside my laptop is a card reader. Don't mind the glue; it's just used as a paper weight.

The man you see is neither Switch nor Neo. He's the man very much caring about his "work wife". (I hope my real wife, Lea, doesn't get jealous. If she did, I'd talk to isda and settle things out. :-)). Or we can just call ourselves work (soul)mates. Well, Trinity, err, Lea, was the one who took this picture. So it shows that she's not jealous, after all.

The relationship is fruitful, though. I've done a lot of stuff because of her. She's rather slow (Transmeta Crusoe, 900Mhz, 512MB memory), yes, but that's just her. I need to understand. She's slow but sure.

When I relate with her for very long hours, I observe she gets madly hot and then thinks very much more slowly. So we "cool off" every now and then.

By the way, isda hates Windows. She loves Linux and finds Kubuntu cool.

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