My kids rallied for Lolo Eric

My kids–Martin Howell (7 years old) and Robb Harmon (5)–had their Sunday (May 7) spent for a great contribution to society.

It was their first time to join a rally. They were convinced by their Dad, that’s me, to join over 1,000 people in doing a symbolic funeral march for Ka Eric, a farmer-leader slain last 24 April, around the long outer perimeter of Quezon City Memorial Circle.

I was sure of my eldest’s capacity to walk that long. When he was 2 years old, he was able to jog around Marikina City Sports Plaza athletic field twice in a row. I was not sure of my second son, though, who’s notorious among his elder relatives for laziness in walking. Although he assured me that he could also walk that long.

Well, almost. When we were about three-fourth of the distance, Robb complained: “Daddy, pagod na ang mga paa ko. Di kasi sila kumain e, kaya napagod. (My feet are already tired. They did not eat enough, so they easily got tired.)” There. So Dad was forced to carry him towards the completion of the rally.

What’s funny about that experience is that we started walking in front of the entire contingent, but ended up behind. In fact, we were left behind by the contingent when we were caught by the vehicular traffic.

My sons also enjoyed running from time to time, as if they did not know what the rally was for.

Thank God Brother Sun was not scorching; my sons were not that enervated.

In conclusion, thank you Lolo Eric for giving my sons the opportunity to directly experience a rally. Its being peaceful helped a lot. At least, they did not experience a police dispersal at that early age.

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