Chiz E.

Francis G. Escudero, Chiz for short, is a Congressperson from 1st district of Sorsogon. Three years younger than me, Chiz looks like my kuya with his political savvy and looks. (What a way to introduce a personality!)

I look up to this politician because of his organized thoughts and well-said statements. He's the only young lawmaker I know that speaks Tagalog and English clearly and almost without any mistake.Cong. Francis Escudero

I do admire his being maverick and adamant, true marks of an Oppositionist. He has remained loyal to FPJ up to this time, which has made him closer to the masses.

It was my first time to see Chiz in person. This was during the Citizens' Congress for Truth and Accountability (CCTA) event yesterday. That experience bolstered my positive opinion about him. His get up and mannerisms will not tell you he's a congressman.

My wife, Lea, also admires him. Actually, it was my first time to hear from my wife the typical expression of a woman giggling about a good-looking opposite sex: "Ang cute niya."

One moment, she was standing next to him. I was in front of them. She asked me to take a picture of them both but I said: "Ask him first." But shy as she was, she did not ask him. So there was no souvenir photo between an idol and a fan.

Even though he delivers his speech like an orator, Chiz speaks from the heart and most of the time with humility. In receiving the CCTA report, Chiz appealed to the truth-seeking body to remain as vigilant, as the minority bloc in Congress cannot do its job as well without support from the citizens' congress.

Chiz will remain my idol in terms of public projection and adamancy. Add to these his looks. Before I know it, consistent admiration of his looks would rub off on me. Then, my wife will get used to calling me Mr. Cute.

The link to Chiz's profile from Congress' web site is this.

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