[Behave or | Be nice and] be blogged

This is a warning to people whom I meet: Behave or I’ll blog about you. 🙂

There’s no stopping Doggone Dong to speak his mind, all for the cause of the truth, justice and change. Yes, Doggone Dong is unstoppable, unless every service provider hosting my blog shuts it down.

And here’s my advice: Maintain a blog yourselves. Comment my blog entries in any way you want. Tit for tat.

On a less serious note, I will not rant but rave for Good Samaritans, government people doing their job well and NGO people making a difference for society, and what not.


  1. dong,

    hindi pa.
    si michael moore, oo.
    si gloria arroyo, oo.
    think, its work both
    positive and negative
    dependent on the intent.
    not really scary. 😀


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