Technology to replace artists?

invisible pianist

Originally uploaded by dungkal.

See the piano with four keys depressed? The elegant instrument, placed at the cafeteria inside the Amigo Terrace Hotel in Iloilo City, was actually played performing a popular song.

Yes, the musical instrument you’re seeing is playing without an artist, thanks to technology. People walking at the hotel’s lobby are enticed by the great songs played, with several of them tempted to get near the piano, wondering where the pianist has gone. Amazing technology, they would exclaim.

The experience reminded me of the VCD I watched five years ago. Entitled “Simone”, the film was about a crazy hi-tech savvy film director who created a virtual human actress named Simone, who was made part of movies that had Simone look like a real person. The emotions that exuded from Simone were so real that she was cited many times by film critics. But the critics and her fans as well could not see her face-to-face as the crazy director made alibis in order for them to make do without that opportunity.

That is the danger of technology. Some people may be amazed by it to the point of accepting what it can do to humanity. But there are others who feel deceived and would want technology out of the human business called arts.

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