Calban boys had a haircut

My sons and their Dad had a haircut tonight at Bagong Anyo, Concepcion, Marikina City. Mom joined them to attend to Josh, about 1 1/2 years old, my “Mommyish” son.

We decided that the kids have their long hair trimmed because their parents will be very busy for the coming weeks before Kuya and Diko will be in school again.

As expected, Josh was the most difficult to hair-trim. He would cry very loudly and struggle against the barber working on him. Actually, we were expecting that he would be easily cajoled into giving in to the hair cut but instead of stopping, Josh would cry much louder and struggle harder. And just to finish the haircut, Dad butted in and held Josh’s head tight so that the barber could work on his head freely.

Robb was less difficult to work on except that he was very sensitive to the bits of hair falling on his skin. He was also sensitive to the electric shave and scissors touching his temple and nape. He did not want the body cover to be put on him so the hair bits on his skin irked him and made him shift in his seat very often. Dad had to intervene by coercing him to cooperate.

Of course, there was no problem with Kuya Martin. Kuya has enjoyed the regular haircut since he was three years old, unlike the five-year-old Robb who recoils at the touch of the scissors and electric shave.

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