Doggone Dong is a renewed fan of Reader’s Digest

When I was in college, I bought my copy of the Reader’s Digest whenever my budget allowance permitted. But I practically stopped from doing such a rare act when I started to work, which had been so strenuous that even the thought of going to a store to buy an RD issue made me lazy.

My fanaticism for RD was revived the past two months. I’m sure that despite my busy work, I can always find time to read my favorite books and an issue of RD. By the way, isn’t the latter for people on the go? Why, it has retained its being a digest one so a reader will surely have fun and learn stuff in just a short period of time.

I still appreciate the RD’s way of catching attention from potential buyers by featuring an exciting mix of stories. Although I find some the blurbs super corny (although the corny person in me would still give the benefit of the doubt). Like this month’s issue has the headliner: “Life’s Toughest Questions (answered!)”. Doesn’t it sound existential? Yet, the issue banners a bonus attraction: “On the trail of the Da Vinci Code: Searching for Clues in Paris”.

Actually, what makes me root for RD are its vintage sections “Laughter, the Best Medicine” and “Word Power”.

I will feature here some of the stuff I would learn from RD. Of course, I’ll adopt the ‘fair use’ principle, or I’ll be sued by the great company.

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