Got a new domain for my family

At long last, I got a domain name for me and my family:

I bought the domain name for just P400.00, which is good for one year, subject to renewal afterwards. And I paid P600 for the one-year hosting. The vendor is Thanks goes to its President, John Osena, who is also PLUG member that used the mailing list to announce his company’s promo of discounted domain name price for PLUG members. So it pays to be a PLUG member, doesn’t it?

I’d been thinking of buying a domain name for my family. I could have chosen but it’s too long. I tried to apply for, but it’s no longer available. So i settled for, the hostname part being a merger of Calmada (my lastname) and Banares (my wife’s).

Later, I’ll create subdomains for my wife and kids:


Lea can have a blog of her own, if I can convince her, who is not confident about her writing skill. Well, my kids will not have their own at this point. But I cannot wait for their telling me: “Dad, I’ve just created my own web site. Look.”
Next year, I’ll buy a bigger storage space for my website so my family can already avail of email addresses, in addition to the popular webmail services.


  1. Congrats!
    I used to have a website ran by my webmaster at
    I will get it back but in the meantime Im enjoying this free webhostings

  2. dong,


    new domain. update my
    link soon.

    in fairness, affordable
    ang hosting plan compare
    sa iba.

    hmmm…makalipat nga
    ng hosting after.


  3. hi. i saw form your blog that your wife is a banares, and i’d like to invite you to visit us at

    We hail from Bacacay, albay. Maybe your wife is related or belongs to a branch of our clan. 🙂

    congratulations on getting your domain name. Hopefully kami rin makakuha na. having a subdomain is tasking especially when the subdomain is long. 🙂

    Webmaster, Banares clan Website

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