Guess who’ll cut back on technology spending in times of crisis

The PCIJ was first to note that based on the research done by ACNielsen, the Pinoys topped the list of nationalities worldwide in terms of cutting back on spending in personal technology (mobile phones and personal computers) in times of financial crisis.

I’m a Pinoy, a uber Internet user for both work (60%) and my self (40%), with a family of my own, with my wife and me having three kids. The question is: Does the research finding apply in my case?

I guess NGO people who base their work on the Internet connection will not be affected, unless their organizations are also so affected that they would go back to, say, 32kbps dial-up connection. And I cannot live without an Internet connection. I don’t want to migrate from blog system back to ‘manual’ diary system. My handwriting has become so ugly that even I will not make out what I would write on a paper page.

Cutting back on social-life expenses, which includes use of technology to network with others, of course, is a natural, logical choice for a person becoming poorer, who has to make her family or herself survive by all means. It’s also like you have gone up the ladder but have to climb back down because you can no longer stay at the high rungs. It’s plainly retrogression.

Honestly, the ACNielsen research is not a big deal issue in the Philippines. It is more addressed to commercial interests and government who have to ensure that Pinoys remain technology consumers.

What’s more important is that poor Pinoys, despite having their own celphones, should be helped in changing their lives for the better through empowering policies and programs of government and other service providing entities.

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