Online violence against women

Thanks to Cheekay Cinco I learned that violence against women (VAW) may also be high-tech. I have realized that women have not only been harassed in the workplaces, homes, and in the streets but also right on the live computer screens.

I was aware that pornographic web sites about women puts them more in a bad light as sex objects. But I thought that watching pornographic sites must be for men who can handle it without going beyond the bounds of morality.

But I was not aware that it was also a form of violence against women. I suddenly felt the guilt, although I rarely visit porno sites. (I am too busy yet happy with my married life to waste my time surfing porno sites most of the time.)

I also learned that although gender activists agree that online violence is there, they disagree on the solutions, one of which is censorship. Hmmm, maybe some lesbians disapprove of it? Just guessing.

Meanwhile, I wonder if men (must) also feel the same way when their sexuality is also being used in the sites ‘for women and gays’. Should they also feel that they’re also taken as sex objects? Just asking.

C’mon, Doggone Dong has been married for eight years already and has been relating with gender activists, yet he thinks that he needs some enlightenment about the ‘online gender’ stuff.

So far, I still think that viewing the so-called pornographic sites is a right (for men and lesbians alike) but must be enjoyed moderately and without going beyond the limits of morality (by not actually harassing women in the domiciles, streets, and workplaces). But if a gender activist I respect approaches me and tells me – hey, even if you’re just watching a video featuring a woman licentiously, you’re already committing sexual harassment, however mentally, and the online habit developed therefrom will manifest in the day-to-day relationships with women – that may change my mindset a bit but still find myself negotiating the parameters of pornography.

Just don’t tell me that appreciating the totality of a woman’s body is a sin.

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