Planning out blog topics

Do bloggers plan out their online journaling work? Have no answers – neither google ones – to this question.

I do think that bloggers need to do some planning to their art piece. My primitive planning system is this: List down all blog topics that may crop up in your mind and see whether they provide the balance in your categories, at least your favorite ones.

The purpose of the listdown is to capture what I think are good ideas for blogging, never letting them escape my mind.

I started this scheme two days ago when I was in a Thai Airways jetliner. So far, here are my list:

  • Naked protest
  • Snooping on seat mates’ reading
  • Online violence against women
  • ICT annoyances (in series)
  • Dr Eloy
  • Do I look like Lawrence Liang?
  • Why I blog
  • Bangkok experience a tradeoff with AR activity

But I don’t know whether I can write up about all those topics given my busy-ness in the Asia Commons Conference.

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