Snooping on other people’s private reading

Have you tried to snoop on other people’s private reading?

I have been doing it – more frequently in the airplanes and waiting places – but only after struggling a bit against worry that I’m intruding into other people’s privacy. (Well, it’s not my fault, because the ‘private’ readers don’t pay attention enough to their privacy; they must be blamed for feeding my voyeurism. It’s like ‘femme fetales’ to human men.)

It’s interesting to discover that what one reads does not necessarily describe her personality. I once have witnessed a prim lady beside me in a plane reading a book on the Catholic faith. But I could not believe a man with perverted looks reading a “Chicken Soup” book. My goodness, is that what flights do to mortal souls fearing accidents on air?

I have an advice for those reading books in the presence of snooping folks: Know what you’re reading, moreso when you’re in the middle of the knowledge material. You’ll never know that a person next to you will ask something about the book you’re reading. It will just be so embarrassing that you are not ready for an intellectual and honest response.

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