Poor Pinoys have a richer President

The inq7.net reported, as affirmed by the PCIJ in a separate report, that Gloria Arroyo has gained personal wealth of about P79 million. Based on PCIJ’s table showing Arroyo’s net worth for the period 1992-2005, since she was elected in a high government position (Senator in 1992-1998, Vice-President in 1998, appointed President in 2001 and President-elect in 2004), she was able to amass a personal wealth of about P72 million. Her net worth in 1992 was about P7 million.

This is crazy. Even if Malacanang wanted to show that Arroyo’s net worth decreased by 2% from 2004 to 2005, which appears to be a sharp decline in yearly increases since 1992 (but, in my computation, the average yearly increase is about P6 million across 12 years), the table cannot deny the fact that Arroyo indeed amassed wealth since she assumed a high position in government. It was also revealing that Arroyo was able to earn about P13 million since she replaced Erap as Philippine president.

Just read the inq7.net’s and PCIJ’s reports to know more revelations.

Poor ordinary and toiling Filipinos. They have a President that’s earning much, much more than any one of them.

I wonder why rich people are eager to become richer and richer. Perhaps they have felt the pressure from their children, relatives and close friends (and those to whom they are politically indebted) to make sure that when they (rich people) die, those who will survive them will have the fortune to carry on living with.

I wonder why they can afford to amass so much wealth when they know for a fact that there are millions of Filipinos still soaked in the quagmire of poverty.

If I were God, I will expel all the oligarchs off the country and place them in other countries with all necessary pensions in life. Of course, I will have them leave all their fortunes behind. These fortunes I will place in a cache to which only the deserving state leaders have the key so that the resources are wisely used for the benefit of every human being in this country.

Unfortunately, I can never be God. So God please help this ailing country.

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