SMS saves lives

Davao City Councilor Pete Lavina just announced over Akbayan Forum today that an Overseas Filipino Worker, who had been jailed in Kuwait for escaping an abusive employer, is now safe and sound in her hometown in Davao. Her present safety was due to the Center for Migrant Advocacy’s mobile phone-based alert system, whereby OFWs in an emergency situation will just have to send a text message using a mobile phone to an official number.

That experience is a living testimony of how ICTs may be optimized for the advantage of hapless souls. And if I may add my own: Last June 2, while I was in a meeting, I received a text message from our household mate informing us that our youngest son (over one year old) had a high fever because of his tonsilitis. I advised her to bring him to the hospital as soon as the fever got as high as 40 degrees. My wife was also so busy with her work that I initiated to go home as early as I could.

When I got home, I learned that my son’s fever had already gone down. Thank God. But I thanked God more when I learned about how my son was tormented by the disease; his body temperature shot up to 41 degrees and our household mate and relatives were initially frantic. Good thing his Tita Mina applied to him her first-aid knowhow.

Our household mate and relatives said that our son’s knowing that I would go home early somehow contributed to his good condition. I guess it was true as my son was cryingly eager to be carried and doted on as soon as I got home.

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