Arroyo and her laptop computer

Arroyo was hospitalized the other day for abdominal pains (they must have been severe, right?), from which the doctor found that she suffered from acute infectious diarrhea.

Her banner photos yesterday and today tried to impress on the public that she was still in charge while being bed-ridden. The proofs? A notebook computer was sitting on her lap and Presidential Chief of Staff Mike Defensor was with her in the hospital. And the headline reads: Arroyo in charge: “I’m fine”.

I just wonder of what use was the laptop to her really while she was sitting on her hospital bed. Was it online (through St. Luke’s wifi service or whatever?), so that she could check Malacanang’s web site or those of her Departments? Did she also check her personal schedule? Or did it just contain electronic copies of documents (Memos, talking papers, etc.) that her supposedly still weak mind (being just hospitalized) had to read and make out? Did she electronically sign the documents she read and approved? Did she keep a blog? Did she write something? Well, she said that she was just doing “light work” with her laptop. Ah, OK.

After doing online search, I found out that a laptop computer has been an important fixture in her life. Last year, she worked on her State-of-the-Nation Address material on her Sony Vaio notebook. Hot Manila likewise said Arroyo uses her laptop to vent her anger on by hammering it. And one blog I visited had a comment that seemed to suggest that Arroyo was preoccupied with her notebook and the cyberspace.

Hmmm. I see myself in her. But I will never pound on my notebook computer when mad for economic reasons.

I wish her laptop were with her and online all the time. I’d have wanted to send her emails daily, with matching interesting links. I’d ask her to bookmark this site of mine and watch out what I will write about her. I’d add her as my buddy on Yahoo Messenger, so that I could not only chat with her but also send her offline messages.

On daily basis, I’d tell her feedback coming from Doggone Dong and the people I have talked to and conversations I have overheard. I’d tell her to once in a while shut down her notebook and look in the mirror and get real, really real.


  1. dong,

    sa totoo lang, choreographed at photo-ops lang iyang laptop na iyan. malamang, sinabi lang ng photographer na ilagay literally sa lap ang laptop niya. kung masisilip mo ang screen: black MS Word lang iyan. hehehe.

    Get real?

    Hindi pa ba nagpapakatotoo si Gloria?

    Hmmm…relative talaga ang konsepto ng truth.

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