PDFability of OpenOffice.org documents

Microsoft Office does not have a built-in feature in which a document or a spreadsheet may be exported to PDF format, right? (I may be wrong now since I’ve not been using any MS app for many years now.) You have to buy Adobe Acrobat Writer to be able to do so.

Download and install OpenOffice.org and it will make your life easy in making your documents portable. With an OpenOffice.org document open, there’s an icon named “Export Directly to PDF” that when clicked will easily convert the file to the PDF format.

And take note, report or book writers. OOo rewards those who use Heading styles as it automatically creates bookmarks from out of the Heading paragraphs. So that when you open the PDF file with any PDF reader, the Bookmarks sidebar will make your PDF navigation smooth.

One comment

  1. Yes, M$ Office still doesn’t have a PDF export feature built-in. Goodness, you pay mondo loads of money for it and still it doesn’t have PDF export. You have to install a PDF printer like PDFCreator, how distressing :(( And PDFCreator still doesn’t recognize any hyperlinks I embedded on any M$ Office document. I got no problem like that on OOO 2.0.3 on Slack 10.2 😀

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