Software Freedom Day 06

I attended the Software Freedom Day 06 celebration today but only partially. I came to UP School of Engineering Theater (celebration’s venue) only by the second half of the Software Freedom Day 06. I had had to produce the certificates for PLUG speakers during the celebration, which meant I sacrificed coming much earlier. (It also meant missing the Bukas presentation in the morning; it was the first public announcement about the civil society FOSS consortium.)

If you want to see some of the pictures I took during the event, please click here.


  1. You were there Dong? I didn’t noticed you šŸ˜› I taken some pics too, but my shots are not as great as yours. Well, I’m not a photo pro, It’s my first time to use a digicam šŸ˜›

  2. Yeah, I was there. I did notice you. You sat in front. In fact, I took a nice pix of you, which I did not include in the set I uploaded. You might not like being peeked at by the world :-).

    I visited your flickr site to view your SFD pix. Great pictures you uploaded there. You’re lucky to have the pix of two leader radicals: Teddy and Dodong.

    Long live the Revolution OS!

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