FOSS unfriendly web messages

  1. These are shown as download format options in several sites I have visited. Comment: Even the icons used are those used on Microsoft Windows operating system. Of course, can still read either the RTF or Microsoft Word version but we wish there were also ODF version as a download option.
  2. Instructions for PC: To download, right-click on the image and select “Save Picture As…” Comment: Mozilla Firefox has “Save Image As…”
  3. This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer. Comment: I have used Mozilla Firefox to view without any problem any site with this advisory. Let’s fight this deceptive scheme by or for Microsoft. Join the

These are so far the annoyances I got from surfing the Internet. It is high time that we got active in our free and open source software advocacy and send reactions to site administrators to call their attention.

Note: I’ll constantly update this entry for any more FOSS unfriendly web messages I’ll get. You may also let me know of your own similar encounters.


  1. I really get upset with these kinds of websites. I noticed really sucks, it’s only designed for the dreaded IE. My sis experiences some errors when using FF.

    I totally agree. More tech-savvy folks should voice out their grievances with these sorry website. Makes me want to use my double-edged red light saber… 😀

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