Meant for mutt?

After having ‘dumped’ Mutt for a long while (over a year I guess), I now came to realize that Mutt is always a great friend.With a mobile phone that I can use with my notebook to connect to the Internet, speed will always be an issue. It will always be greater given the slowness of my machine.

I came back to using Mutt as my mail client. And I’m using vim as my mail composer.

Addicted again to Mutt, I’m currently reading manuals and tips in how to better use it. The same with vim. Take note that I’ve posted this blog entry using Mutt. (Thanks also goes to Gmail for letting me use its smtp service. [I’ve burned the midnight oil configuring this service with postfix. Whew!])

It feels like I’m learning Linux (read: being geek) all over again.

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