Not ATOMatically supported

I’ve tried snownews feed reader since a few days ago and I would say it’s fast and easy to use. (Don’t be fooled, you GUI pal; in case you have not followed the link provided here, FYI snownews is console-based).
I was only disappointed to find out that Atom feeds are not automatically supported by snownews, unless one has scripts to filter or convert the feed into RSS. I tried to seek help from the Internet but could not have more time to really find one. Until my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson K610i) came to my mind. Remembering that it had been able to catch my Blogspot blog feed automatically, I got my phone, went to the RSS Feeder service and snooped on the feed information of my blog. Cool! It has a feed address different from that provided by my site. To the address is appended this string: ‘?alt=rss‘. (Does it mean that any other Atom-oriented web sites also provide such RSS feed?)

I inputted the full feed address in my snownews. The blog feed was then extracted successfully. Thanks for that.

But then, I began to wonder why Blogger has chosen Atom as its lone feed syndication format, even though I understand that it started with RSS format. In my web search, I learned that Atom was a brainchild of the movement among software/web developers who wanted radical change in the RSS web feed format system. The motivation lay in their desire to universalize/standardize web content sharing among authors who may be using different languages and applications. I haven’t read much deeper about it but consulting Wikipedia and following the links stating why the reform was necessary gave me a comprehensive view of Atom as a great alternative to web content sharing.


  1. Jeeze, that’s fantastic , worked first time. Could nenver get the the atom2rss filter to work, however i tried, and with xsltproc installed.
    I hunted and hunted for this article.

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