Restoring missing icons in on IceWM

I suffered a lot from not using IceWM for so long for the mere reason that my display went ‘unfriendly’. Perhaps as a result of my installing both Kubuntu and Ubuntu in my machine, IceWM has had the difficulty to use icons I use when logging in to Ubuntu or Kubuntu. Or any other reason.Now, just as when I decided to go back to IceWM as my favorite desktop environment for my very slow machine (Transmeta Crusoe), I realized that my problem remained that: all icons are missing. Searching the Internet gave me no hope.

Searching my operating system itself worked this time. I experimented looking at the openoffice system files. After rummaging them, I found the directory /usr/lib/openoffice/share/config. I chanced upon two zip files, which I presumed to contain all icons. I sudo-unzipped one of them, the And I fired up Yes, friend, the icons were already there. But the icons were ‘Kdeish’. I wanted to try the Industrial style. So I changed the icon style accordingly. Unfortunately, the style did not change as I tried to.

Hmmm. That brought me back to the config folder. I tried to sudo-unzip the but it asked me whether to overwrite the existing icons folders or not. I pressed ‘A’ (replace all). Then I fired up again. Yipee! Icons are now Industrial style!


  1. Thank’s alot, now my openoffice back to normal after missing icon. i use ubuntu ultimate and i have the same problem. all i have to is run:
    $sudo gnome-commander
    and search the /usr/lib/openoffice/share/config inside that folder i found, double klicking and appear active manage – klik extract – start openoffice – wala – my icon back to me

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