Sloppy paragraph alignment of Vim-created blog entries just solved

I was terribly appalled by my finding out that my blog entries which I had posted off the Blogger site via Vim (my mail editor with Mutt) did not align to a T. The right margins were inappropriately ragged. I realized that sending posts through a terminal was indeed fast but cleaning them up later was a tedious consequence.The culprit, I found out, was a setting in my ‘.vimrc’ file that read ‘set textwidth=72′. With this setting, every line that I type is arbitrarily cut when it reaches character position 72 and continued on the next line. A line break is then created for each line. And since Blogger does not have textwidth in its vocabulary, it reads line breaks like paragraph breaks, which results in the inappropriate raggedness in my posts’ alignment.

Solution: Not to delete or change the textwidth setting (it is my friend when I write prose through Vim) but to turn off the setting everytime I mail posts to my Blogspot site. I know there’s a trick to do the occasional turnoff task faster but for now I issue this 10-key command: ‘<Esc>:set tw=0’.

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