Internet-induced violence against the young

Socially networking may be dangerous to your kids. Read this Yahoo! News story.
I hope this won’t happen again and will never happen in my own country. If this type of incidence happens in advanced countries like the USA, I wouldn’t want the Philippines to transcend the ‘developing’ stage.

I see this more as a social problem, be it in a poor or rich country. In this Internet age, parents should be responsible enough to really take care of their young against the negative consequences of viewing adult sites and making friends with ‘strangers’. At the same time, site owners must be equally accountable by implementing most effective measures possible to protect the integrity of their users or clients.

I’m glad we don’t have an Internet connection in my home (yet). I do with my notebook (thanks to the Internet access service of my mobile phone service provider) and I and my wife will not allow our kids to tinker with it. They got so many things to learn in school that surfing the Internet, playing network games, and the like, should be out of their business.

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