Shaming vendor-biased web sites

Barely four months ago, I ranted about web sites that discriminate against free and open source web browsers.
Today, I received an email from a mailing list informing about a web site initiative in New Delhi, India, which aims to put to public shame web sites that only run or run perfectly on proprietary web browsers like Internet Explorer. Not all these web sites are targeted though, as it keeps watch only of those concerning public interests like concerning banking and insurance, government services, and transportation (airlines, railways, and the like).

What’s cool in the ‘hall-of-shame’ site is that it makes it clear at the outset the policy and procedure of shaming a website as well as exceptions like the right of webmasters to choose technologies based on technical, not vendor-related, considerations.

I wonder if there are Filipino sites of the same nature. ‘ICTbaks’ and ICT activists in other parts of the world should follow suit and help the FOSS campaign gain ground worldwide.

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