Wikipedia collecting FOSS stories

I have just consulted Wikipedia for the definition of FOSS. Leafing through, I found a link to a wikibook on Introducing FOSS. I followed it and was glad to note that there was a section on FOSS Success Stories.

I was not happy with the list of countries, though. It’s for the simple reason that my country — Philippines — was not included. Perhaps the listing is based on a high standard–that success stories must trickle down to the multi-faceted development of a particular country. So I thought.

However, when I read about a country, its story was not really a success story from a maximalist point of view. So I thought that my country should have been in the list. FOSS initiatives in my country are sporadic and lacking a broader ICT governance framework at this point, I admit. But they must be heralded, just the same. The most recent initiative is that one under the auspices of the Commission Information and Communications Technology (CICT), which is called “PC For All“.

Because of this, I had courage to pose a challenge to my FOSS community to look for volunteers to add to the FOSS wikibook something about the Philippines. I know it’s sort of an Herculean task to collect Filipino FOSS stories, but the wikibook is a work in progress; hence, writing a bit of valid information about Pinoy initiatives is a good start to promote the Philipppines. Besides, it’s not only for Pinoys but also for all FOSS advocates who want to tell the world that the FOSS tribe is increasing.

And let me challenge all FOSS advocates, whose countries are not listed in the wikibook (yet), to have their stories see print.

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