Social issues, FOSS and Linux rarely blogged about

Yes, you just read the title: Social issues, FOSS and Linux don’t get blogged about practically. I arrived at this conclusion when I researched just today on popular interests and tags as revealed by,, and (I’m sorry but I felt too lazy to research on popular labels used by sites.)

LiveJournal: Music is the most popular interest, with movies not so far behind. Ranking third to 20th are reading, writing, friends, art, computers, dancing, photography, books, shopping, singing, love, poetry, drawing, anime, sleeping, swimming, sex and food. (The last two items are lucky enough to enter the top 20. Hedonist bloggers, I must say, still hang around.)

According to LJ’s listing, “boys” are more interesting than “girls”. Surprisingly, though, “women” outnumber “men”. (Do girls become more interesting when they metamorphose into womanhood? Let me say yes, in general.)

WordPress: For WP bloggers, music is less interesting, though. It ranks just fourth to Life, Politics, and News. The tags that rank fifth to 20th are Personal, Family, Books, Humor, Technology, Blogging, Thoughts, Movies, Random, Media, Video, Work, Photography, Travel, School, Food. Interestingly, it is still food that ranks the last of the top 20, similar to LJ.

Technorati: As a tool for bloggers to have their sites promoted, Technorati monitors popular searches and tags. The list here is a great departure from LJ and WP. Deviating from the tags used by most bloggers, the list is as follows: wordpress (WP simply rocks!), Bush, youtube, iPhone, State of the Union, money, mobile, war, mp3, web-20, Windows, 2007, Mac, iPod, and showjournal.

But where in a hell are my favorite tags–human rights, FOSS, open source, free software, ICT, and Linux? Politics is sure very much around with WP, I’m glad about that. But I’m madly looking for the tags I just mentioned. I found Linux at the tail-end of the WP’s popular tags. (Unluckily, BSD is not listed anywhere.)

Environment and education are two social issues I managed to find in the WP’s tag clouds. But they’re almost in the middle.

So what does this mean?

There’s a dearth of bloggers (at least among those registered with LJ, WP and Technorati) who talk to the world about serious themes. Even Linux which is supposed to be taken as a fun way of computing has not been heralded. It’s sad to note that serious bloggers, few as they are, who are critical of stuff like their own governments face troubles. Read this story.

All Linux-loving, FOSS-advocating and social activist bloggers unite! Let’s tag and blog about our favorite themes and issues. The more we do so, the higher rungs these get in the popular-tags/interests lists.

If we believe in the power of blogs and other social networking tools, we must do this.

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