Making PCs accessible to students

The CICT is really determined to make its goal of providing Filipino students access to PCs become a reality. It’s a second wind at least for progressive CICT officials before an elections-spurred political transition takes place in May this year.

According to the Manila Bulletin Online,

The Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) is about to resuscitate the “PC ng Bayan” initiative that didn’t gather enough momentum after being launched in 2005.

This time, the ICT agency is incorporating the lessons learned from its initial setback, particularly on the price factor, and is renaming the program as “Philippines Computer for All (PC4All) Initiative.”

In a press briefing attended by CICT chair Ramon Sales and Commissioner Emmanuel Lallana last January 15, the agency said it is pouring R350 million to procure the PCs that are now undergoing testing.

(For complete story text, follow this link.)

Budget PCs (costing between P8,000 and P10,000) will be procured. Already Internet- and network-ready, the PCs will be deployed in public secondary schools. Each will be pre-installed with Linux OS, which means less cost in computer maintenance and operating system security.

The CICT deserves nothing but the support of all ICT activists and FOSS advocates: Spread the good news, help test the machines that will be procured, help in training school teachers, monitor the project implementation, among others.

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