Let the Vista-bashing roll on

OK, there’s no stopping Windows fans from rooting for that Vista–Windows OS in new fashionable look and feel. On the other hand, Linux and Mac buffs will shift to Vista only in their wildest dreams. But the truth is that there are millions (or billions?) of computer users who are not involved in the ‘war’ at all. And they are the objects of the war between proprietary and free and open source software systems.

In the run-up to the retail launch of Vista end of January, Microsoft has been getting ‘praise releases’ from technology writers. Several of them sounded objective with critical heads like “Is Vista ready for business?” but the stories conclude favorably to Microsoft just the same.

FOSS advocates should use the high-fanfare Vista launch as a conjuncture to make their case. It’s time to gate-crash the party and spoil it. Here’s how:

  1. Blog about ‘vs Vista’ comparisons, the better if these proceed from your own experiences. Share your “wow” moments with Vista.
  2. Search web sites comparing Vista from other OSes and about its shortcomings. Bookmark them through social bookmark sites like del.icio.us. The following are three of great sites:
  3. Participate in forums that rave about Vista. Normally, news sites provide for feedback space for each news story that is being published.
  4. Visit BadVista.fsf.org and DefectiveByDesign.org. They are great hubs for the fight against proprietary softwares and computing schemes. It would be better if you sign up and contribute to them in any way you can.
  5. Intensify the campaign to distribute Linux CDs and propagate the values of FOSS.

Don’t get fooled by people who may call you an obnoxious pessimist or simply enemy-centered. If you don’t want to actively participate in ‘enemy-centered’ fights, just do the fifth step. That’s the constant task that we FOSS advocates perform.

So let the drumbeat against Vista roll on.

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