Microsoft in sheep’s clothing: It doesn’t fit

Since the revelation of the Halloween Documents in 1998, Microsoft’s name has been much more tainted and its war with free software and open source movements has become fiercer.

Perhaps feeling embattled already, Microsoft has adopted ploys that sounded awesome with the unknowing public but still smelled very rotten with FOSS advocates. Three of these that I know are:

  1. Contributing money to Creative Commons. (Common, CC! Be creative; don’t be too harsh against Microsoft from now on, OK?)
  2. Letting Microsoft Office users choose CC license for their documents. (Oops! I am using a pirated copy of Microsoft Office. Can I still use the CC license?)
  3. Inking a deal with Novell on interoperability between Microsoft Windows and Suse Linux. (For crying out loud, Novell has put its ties with the free software movement in a very terrible situation.)

For every move that Microsoft does to feign love with FOSS, activists don’t take it sitting down and immediately voice out their opposition and counter-arguments.

But Microsoft keeps moving on in sheep’s clothing. It’s too tight, though, that the highly embossed M$ logo keeps popping out.

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