The tyranny of hardware-software setup

So we’re told that today’s computer manufacturers have had Windows Vista in mind when they produce current crop of computers. We need not be told. We knew that the previous crop of PCs sold in the market had been produced for XP. After the January 30 retail launch of Vista, we’ll expect almost all PCs displayed in the shops to bear the tag: Vista-ready or Vista-capable.

Form follows function. That must be the principle behind the mindset of PC manufacturers. Hardware must suit the software. But what if the softwares going to be run in the PCs are proprietary to the point of locking the consumers/end users in the unfair terms of use? Should the PC producers be then made liable as well? Governments must keep watch of big-time PC producers (HP, Dell, etc.) and computer parts manufacturers as well who may be toeing the line of Microsoft. (Are there cases that point to this already? It’s ‘googling’ time.)

The FOSS developers and programmers must be commended for their ability to catch up with this unfair hardware-software setup. But this problem should be addressed to make the their lives (even the lives of users) easier.

Technology should not be vendor-specific. Technology is for the people.

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